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Step 1

If you wish to make a formal complaint about Student's Union UCL, you should submit a complaint in writing to any of the Sabbatical officers, who will reply within 14 days.

Step 2

In the case of a complaint against staff, the complaint shall be referred to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) via a Sabbatical Officer or other member of staff who recieved the complaint.

Step 3

If the student is not satisfied with the response received, the matter shall be referred to the appropriate Standing Committee. The Standing Committee shall respond within one day after their next regularly scheduled meeting.

Step 4

If the person making the complaint is external to UCL, the above procedure should be followed.

If the person remains unsatisfied and believes they have been treated unfairly by the Union, they will be referred to the procedures established by the 'Code of Practice' between the College and the Union, copies of which are available from any Sabbatical Officer or the CEO.

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