Access requirements

Any content editor editing "Page / Article / Blog" or "Landing page / Report" content

  1. Click into the document and click an + button
  2. Search for "Link tiles" and select
  3. Click "Add link tile"
  4. Edit the text directly in the tile.
  5. In the sidebar, add the URL of the page
    1. If it's part of our site, you can do e.g. "/project-active"
    2. Otherwise the full URL of the site, e.g. ""
  6. To add an image:
    1. Click "Upload image" in the sidebar
    2. Click "Add a new file" and select the file from your computer
    3. Enter a textual description of the image for people with screen readers
    4. PRESS SAVE just below the image, DO NOT press insert yet
    5. Then click 'insert' at the bottom
  7. Select a duotone in the sidebar if you want one.
  8. Rinse and repeat.

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