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In addition to your membership income, ticket income and any grant you are awarded, there are a number of potential extra sources of funding available from UCL and Students’ Union UCL for your Club or Society.

Step 1

Your Club or Society may be eligible to apply to Students’ Union UCL’s Additional Grant Fund. The additional grant for clubs and societies helps fund new activities and ideas that come up over the course of the year and weren’t foreseen at the start of the grant allocation process; however it can only be used to cover activities related to the ones listed in your Constitution.

Step 2

To support you in your role the Union has created a specific welfare  fund you can apply for to support new activities that do one of more of the following:

•      Raise awareness and support positive mental health

•      Improve student wellbeing

•      Support societies delivering new physical activity initiatives

•      Promote an inclusive environment

•      Outreach to underrepresented student groups

You can submit an application by using the Additional Grant form  and indicating that it is a ‘welfare fund’ application.

If you have an idea and not sure if it hits the criteria or would like some advice, just get in contact – we are happy to help.  

Please note that only Welfare officers can submit applications to the welfare fund.

Applications are assessed by Activities Finance Panel and are considered in the context of the Club or Society’s particular needs and previous levels of grant funding. Allocations are awarded from the first Activities Finance Committee of the first term and at every consecutive meeting until the fund runs out. Please note that the Union is unable to award grants to cover the costs of social events such as food, drinks and parties.

Every Tuesday in term time the Club & Society Finance Panel (lead by the Activities Officer) meets to consider these, so please submit by the Friday before to ensure you application is considered.

The Additional Grant Fund is strictly limited and unfortunately not all applications can be accommodated.

Step 3

Throughout the year you will receive notification of applications for other College Funds that may become available. The Student Activities Team will inform you when these funds become available. Traditionally, these types of funding may be suitable for equipment purchases or occasionally for ambitious or unique one-off events.

Step 4

Additional funding can also come from Sponsorship. See the guide on How to arrange Sponsorship for my Club or Society for more details on how to arrange this. We strongly encourage you to attempt to gain sponsorship – the less reliant you are on the Union for funding the better, as our funding is strictly limited.

Step 5

Think outside of the Students’ Union! There are often community grants (particularly for Sports Clubs) available to apply for from local authority funds or national governing bodies. If you require help in applying to an external funding source you can contact the Sports Development Coordinator or the Society and Media Development Coordinator by sending an email to - where staff can send the email to the relevant team member.