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If you’re a mature and/or part-time student, you’ll find here some useful information and resources. 

Also, see the Mature and Part-time Students’ Officer’s Blog 

Childcare Grant

Find here value and eligibility information about childcare grants for students. 

Childcare Tax Credit

Here you’ll find information about childcare tax credits and how to apply.

Parents’ Learning Allowance

Find information here regarding allowances for student parents. 

Early Education

Find information about early education rights for children and how to apply. 

Tuition Fee Funding for Mature Students

Find information here about tuition fee support for mature students.

Tuition Fee Funding for Part-time Students

Find information here about tuition fee support for part-time students.

Maintenance Loan or Grant

Find information here about eligibility requirements for the maintenance loan or grant. 


Find information here about the on-campus nursery.