Basic Information

What’s the purpose of the Volunteering Fair?

The Volunteering Fairs offer Student-Led Projects an opportunity to meet UCL students and promote their volunteer roles.

UCL students will have the chance to meet your Project Leader team and find out about what your Student-Led Project has to offer. They can also sign up to receive further information from you via email.

What’s the difference between the Volunteering Fairs and the Welcome Fair?

The sole purpose of the Volunteering Fair is to promote volunteering opportunities whereas the Welcome Fair is for Students’ Union UCL club and society recruitment and promotion of the services that the Union offers to UCL students.

The Volunteering Service attends the Welcome Fair to promote volunteering.

Who can have a stall at the Volunteering Fairs?

Any of the following who have registered with the Volunteering Service:

  • Student-Led Projects
  • Any club and society running a community volunteering project
  • External charities and community organisations

Stalls must be booked in advance and are subject to availability.


Why should our Student-Led Project attend?

Project Leaders can talk to potential volunteers about the aims and purpose of their project and the specifics of the volunteering role, in order to help recruit volunteers for your Student-Led Project.

How does a Student-Led Project book a stall at the Volunteering Fair?

Close to the Volunteering Fair date, you will receive an email from your Project Supervisor, with a link to the Volunteering Fair booking form. You will need to provide some text about your project for the dedicated catalogue.

Stalls must be booked in advance and are allocated on a first-come first-served basis. Also, to secure a stall your Student-Led Project must have an approved risk assessment for the current academic year and volunteer vacancies advertised through your SLP webpage.

What do Student-Led Projects need to bring to the Volunteering Fair?

It’s a good idea to create publicity material, so that interested students have information to take away. Design your flyer and poster in Word laying them out exactly how they should be printed and send these to [email protected] for approval. When these have been approved we can print the following quantities:

A3 posters10
A5 OR A6 Flyers100 A4 paper sheets to be cut into 200 A5 sheets OR into 400 A6 post card size flyers

What support and resources does the Volunteering Service provide to Student-Led Projects attending the Volunteering Fairs?

All Student-Led Projects can spend £10 on their stalls, which will be reimbursed by the Volunteering Service on production of a VAT receipt. For in-person fairs this can include giveaways, sweets or snacks and for online fairs you could use this to purchase prizes or interactive games.

For in-person Volunteering Fairs, all Student-Led Projects will be allocated half a table and half a noticeboard to display promotional materials (i.e. posters and photographs). The Volunteering Service will provide signup sheets, which you can photograph at the end of the event. You will be emailed a copy of your sign-up sheets shortly after the Volunteering Fair.

For our virtual Volunteering Fairs, all Student-Led Projects will receive a stallholder guide with information on how to set up your virtual stall and guidance on how to promote your stall online.

Do Project Leaders have to be present for the entire Volunteering Fair?

There must always be somebody at your stall throughout the entire Volunteering Fair. You can draw up a rota so that responsibility for manning your stall is shared between your Project Leader team.

How do projects get the details of those they recruit?

For in-person Volunteering Fairs, the Volunteering Service provides all stall holders with signup sheets and you take photos of these signup sheets at the end of the Volunteering Fair. You will also be emailed a copy of your sign-up sheets shortly after the Volunteering Fair.

For virtual Volunteering Fairs, you will be emailed the details of all students who sign up to your stall and you can also check which students have expressed an interest in your volunteer roles through your SLP webpage.

Can I have a stall at one of the specialist Volunteering Fairs?

To qualify for a stall at one of our specialist Volunteering Fairs, Student-Led Projects must have volunteer roles that fit into the categories outlines in the name of the specialist Volunteering Fair. Please contact your Project Supervisor if you would like guidance about whether your volunteering roles fulfil the criteria of a specialist Volunteering Fair. Again, stalls must be booked in advance and are allocated on a first-come first-served basis.

If you have any questions please email [email protected]