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Many people, especially those from the trans community, may not feel comfortable using gendered toilet facilities, i.e. toilets designated for use by men or use by women. Some trans people will wish to use gendered toilet facilities but feel uncomfortable due to others’ reactions; for this reason, it is inappropriate to question a person’s choice of bathroom based on their gendered presentation. Other trans people will feel unable to comfortably or accurately categorise themselves as men or women. 

UCLU has audited a number of buildings on the UCL Bloomsbury Campus in order to identify where there are gender neutral facilities which people may feel more comfortable using. 

A map of UCL Buildings can be found here

Building Location Toilet Information
Next to Chadwick 2.23 PC Cluster

Half-man, half-woman sign

Ground floor

3 gender neutral cubicles

Foster Court
Ground floor & Third Floor

3 separate cubicles each with M/F signs

Chandler House
All Floors

Half-man, half-woman sign, separate cubicles on all floors


For the purpose of this list, disabled toilets are not listed. While these are often gender neutral, they are first and foremost accessible toilets for disabled people. It is inappropriate both for a trans person without physical access needs to be expected to use adapted toilets, and for a disabled person to be expected to share their toilet facilities with non disabled people.

Here is a list of the buildings which have been audited and do not have gender neutral facilities. If you can help us to gather more information about further buildings please feel free to submit information via this online form

North Wing
Physics Building
Pearson Building
Chadwick Building
Wilkins Building
Bedford Way
Medical Sciences
Medical Research Council Laboratory
Foster Court
Roberts Building
Kathleen Lonsdale Building