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Selling out every year, the UCLU Freshers’ Ball is attended by 2,000 students from all years, with a concentration of first year students rounding off their Welcome Experience.  The event is heavily publicised both in the run up to the start of term and during term time and considered a must for new students.  

Such a high profile event therefore offers a variety of opportunities for partnership with businesses looking to raise their profile among both new and returning.  The sponsorship options are as follows and if you have any other ideas we are happy to discuss them.  

Posters £500

You can have your logo on our promotional posters.  Posters for the Freshers’ Ball are displayed around campus from the start of term.  Locations include all of UCLU’s buildings plus key footfall areas around the university.  

​Flyers £500

Throughout the course of the Welcome Festival we distribute 5,000 flyers promoting the Freshers’ Ball, which could feature your logo.

Tickets £750

The Freshers’ Ball is the event which sells the highest volume of paper tickets each year at UCLU and once again, these can be branded with your logo.  

Full Event Sponsorship £3,000

Be the official sponsor of UCLU’s Freshers’ Ball 2016 

Be the official sponsor of the UCLU Freshers’ Ball and you can benefit from all of the above options and then some!  As well as “The UCLU Freshers’ Ball brought to you by …” on marketing materials your business would benefit from social media updates and email marketing, neither of which are usually available to external businesses. With over 10,000 Facebook friends, and an ever-increasing number of Twitter followers, this is not an opportunity to be missed.

If any of these options and packages, or variances of your own are of interest, please contact