The application process for Garage Theatre bids is now open.

Term 2: Three weeks available in the Camden Peoples Theatre (w/c 30th Jan and w/c 6th Feb and w/c 13th Feb).

Term 2 will have three weeks availability in Camden People’s Theatre. Applications for term 2 will open at the end of November 2022. Term 3 will have 1 week in the Bloomsbury Studio. Applications for term 3 will open in February 2023. 

Term 2 performances will take place in the Camden People's Theatre and bids are now OPEN.

The deadline for Term 2 applications is Dec 7th 2022 at 12pm. Only applications using the online form will be considered. Late or incomplete bids will not be accepted.

You will be let known the results by the end of the following week

If you would like any additional guidance please contact D'arcy Mcguinness ([email protected]