Please ensure you are familiar with Students’ Union UCL guidance on external speakers before submitting this form. You can find guidance on how to organise an event with an external speaker, and our External Speaker Information and Process on our website.

You must ensure the Briefing for External Speakers is circulated to your proposed speaker before submitting this form. You must confirm in writing that your proposed speaker agrees to comply with Students’ Union UCL policy (Briefing for External Speakers), while being hosted at your event.

Failure to disclose full speaker details may result in your event being cancelled, and referral to the Union for disciplinary action.

This form must be submitted a minimum of 10 working days before your event.

Please note, it takes us up to five working days to process your request. We recommend factoring this time in to your event planning so you have sufficient time to advertise your event.

If you have queries about your external speaker request, you can email the Student Activities Department at [email protected]