Please complete this form to confirm the membership products you would like set up for the 2022/23 academic year. 

If you would like to request more than one membership product, please re-submit this webform as many times as you need. 

All clubs and societies will automatically be set a free 'taster' membership. You do not need to request a free taster membership through this webform. This replaces the free 'remote' membership. 

Your standard membership product should not cost less than last year unless agreed in advance with the Students' Union. Please also note, if your standard membership product is free, in most cases you will not be eligible for Grant funding from the Union. 

Students will be able to upgrade from free taster membership to paid membership by purchasing the relevant product at any point during the year. 

If you do not submit this webform, we will use the membership prices submitted through your Annual Registration Forms.