If you're travelling to a BUCS fixture outside of London, captains can use this webform to request their train or coach travel to be booked and paid for by the Students' Union.

  • Only Captains can use this webform to request pre-paid travel.
  • If you're requesting coach travel, this webform must be completed at least 1 week in advance of the fixture.
  • If you're requesting train travel, this webform must be completed at least 1 week in advance of the fixture.

Please note:

  • We will only book train tickets on your behalf where the expense necessitates a pre-paid booking. 
  • If we are not able to process your travel request, we will always communicate this to you in advance of the date of your fixture
  • Submissions after the deadlines will not be processed by the Students' Union but you will still be able to reclaim your BUCS travel via the Travel Reclaims Process.
Required field
Please name the sport you are competing in
Please state your opponent followed by your team, and the competition (e.g., Southampton Men's 1 vs UCL Men's 1 RUMS, South Prem)
Please provide the FULL address of the venue you are competing at (e.g., Wide Lane Sports Ground, Wide Lane, Eastleigh, Hampshire, SO50 5PE)
Please state the number of students you will have competing in your matchday squad. Please note the following:
  • If train tickets are purchased and not used, your club will be charged the excess cost of the tickets
Please describe an alternative mode of transport appropriate here
Please state the London Terminal you will depart from
Please state the exact train you'd like to depart on
Please state the Train station closest to the venue you'll be travelling to
Please state the train you'd like to return on after the game. If you do not know what train you will be able to make following your fixture then please note further details in the 'further details' section below.