Election post

What do you hope to achieve in the role if you are elected?

If elected as your Hall Community Officer, I aim to foster a stronger sense of unity and inclusivity within our hall. I'll organize engaging events that bring students together, address their concerns, and work on improving hall facilities. My goal is to create a supportive, vibrant, and enjoyable living environment for all residents.

What will you bring to this role (e.g. experience, skills or qualities)?

I bring a unique blend of experience, skills, and qualities to this role. As a former resident assistant, I have experience in event planning, conflict resolution, and understanding student needs. My strong communication and organizational skills will be valuable in coordinating activities. Moreover, my approachability, empathy, and dedication make me an excellent advocate for the hall community.

Please summarise why students should vote for you.

Students should vote for me because I'm committed to enhancing our hall community. I have the experience and skills needed to address our concerns and organize exciting events. My qualities, like empathy and approachability, ensure that I'll be a dedicated advocate for every resident. Together, we can create a more vibrant, supportive, and enjoyable living environment for all. Your vote for me is a vote for a better, stronger and more connected hall community.