Election post

What will you bring to this role (e.g. experience, skills or qualities)?

Hello members! I’m Himanshu Keshari, a first-year economics student by profesion, a leader by passion, a changemaker by choice. My vision is clear – Leveraging UCL’s societies in cultivating a global footprint.

My vision is supported by my leadership experience as the school’s student council president and UCL’s first-year academic rep. As the winner of 5+ national case study competitions, I have gained analytical and business acumen. And having participated in 20+ national debates, I have learned communication skills. Above all, I aim to bring my vision to life.

What do you hope to achieve in the role if you are elected?

I plan to prioritise the following areas as your Societies Officer:

Wide-ranging Opportunity Platform: Promoting collaboration between societies for pulling up mega competitions.

Inclusivity and Diversity:  Making sure that students from all backgrounds and communities are represented in societies events and opportunities, thus breaking the barriers.

Transparent and Democratic Leadership: Devising clear communication channelsmember votes in decision-making, quarterly feedback reports and facilitating freedom of information requests.

Please summarise why students should vote for you.

One Team and One Family: We will ensure that you feel belonged here by creating a volunteering platform for delegating meaningful responsibilities in societies.

Skill Enhancement Session: What unites us? Desire to learn and grow. Together, our committee will actively organise exclusive training sessions.

You vote matters in the growth of UCL's socities and I am confident that I will deliver my responsibilties.