Election post

What will you bring to this role (e.g. experience, skills or qualities)?

I have been heavily involved in sport throughout my 4 years at UCL and have enjoyed every moment of it! As President of the Lacrosse Club last season, I learnt the ins and outs of running a club and supporting a community. As a Sports Rep this year, I have been a vocal member of the Activities Zone and contributed to several TeamUCL campaigns. Having competed as a first team lacrosse player and also joined UCL basketball as a complete beginner, I have experienced TeamUCL as a competitor and as a novice, and I would love to use all of this to help even more people enjoy sport at UCL.

What do you hope to achieve in the role if you are elected?

If elected, I would focus on:

  1. Increasing inter-club cohesion: by hosting more joint club events (e.g. TeamUCL Sports Day, welcome mixer for committees, and joint fundraising drives).
  2. Beginners: creating more trial opportunities and reducing barriers to participation.
  3. Collaboration: Termly Sports Officer’s Town Hall, for clubs to share ideas and ask questions.
  4. Inclusion: Build on the TeamUCL against Hate campaign and review clubs’ mandatory training.
  5. Improving TeamUCL identity: More recognition of elite athletes, award winners and non-BUCS clubs; more featured fixtures.
Please summarise why students should vote for you.

Having run a large club that plays a pretty niche sport, and as a medical student, heavily involved in UCL sport, I’d be well positioned to support all clubs, big and small, UCL and RUMS, and all members pro and novice. I am very easy-going and approachable and would be eager to hear about any changes that you’d want made. As a Sports Rep this year, I have enjoyed getting to know people from a range of clubs and representing all your interests at meetings and Activities Zones. I would love the opportunity to continue and build upon this foundation next year, as your Sports Officer!