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Standing for: Activities & Events Officer

Standing for: Activities Officer

Umer Shams / Khaleel Mirza

Manifesto summary: 

As officers we aim to establish a stronger connection between students and the UCL union, by encouraging societies to play a more active role in the Union's democratic processes. Furthermore, we hope to bring forth many developments, such as the return of ‘One World Week’, a week dedicated to the celebration of cultures around the world. Finally, we understand the struggles that societies face (with problems such as room bookings) and wish to create an environment within which they can operate easily and thereby making it easier for them to provide for their members.

Standing for: Black & Minority Ethnic Students' Officer

Sayeeda Ali

Manifesto document: 

Kamaria Fleary

Manifesto document: 

Standing for: Community Relations Officer

Rajni Mahzabin / Annem Shah

Manifesto summary: 

Right to Education - UCL was founded on the belief that everyone had an equal right to education so let’s maintain that ethos! We propose to coordinate projects to equip disadvantaged students with academic and extra-curricular skills to motivate them to work towards a brighter future. This also includes pushing for better financial support for student refugees.

Outreach - We hope to work closely with the VSU and student societies to fully support student led outreach campaigns and bring relevant and important volunteering opportunities to the forefront.

Fight for YOU - Most importantly, we are here for YOU, so we’ll address the needs of students, including working with accommodation officers to help students find affordable and fair private accommodation and promoting employment opportunities at UCL. We are also here to represent and support you in the local community so we hope to create more accessible platforms for students to voice their concerns and ideas.

ONE community - We know the difference a united community can make, especially in the face of divisive campaigns. We want to work with cultural and religious student societies to champion projects which promote unity and diversity within the UCL and local community, lending to a...

Manifesto document: 

Standing for: Disabled Students' Officer

Louise Lee

Manifesto summary: 

As a wheelchair user, I understand how a disability can shape one’s experiences of university. I have lots of innovative ideas to help to make everybody’s time at UCL as enjoyable as possible as well as institute beneficial change for my peers.

My primary concern is the ongoing issue of access in UCL’s libraries, cafes and academic departments. UCL still has a wide number of heavy doors which makes life very difficult for those with mobility problems. Crucially, automatic doors aren’t maintained well, as the Disabled Students’ Network officer, I will aim to clarify the procedure which highlights access issues, as well as repair this currently poor process. I will also communicate regularly with Student Disability Services.

I will also tackle ableism by reviving the Try It! Campaign, as well as continuing raising awareness of ableist language and making Disabled History month more prominent. I would also implement a ‘careers day’ in which disabled people talk to students about working in specific careers with disabilities. I also would like to start taster days for a variety of support for disabled people

Manifesto document: 

Standing for: Education & Campaigns Officer

Halima Begum

Manifesto document: 

Standing for: External Accommodation Officer

Anabel Bennett

Manifesto summary: 

Students need to be aware of their rights as tenants, and I will make sure that UCLU is a valuable resource for students, should any disputes ever arise in private accommodation. As an active campaigner, I will ensure that UCL students outside of UCL accommodation get adequate and vocal representation. The fight for affordable, accessible, and decent housing involves all students.

Manifesto document: 

Standing for: Halls Accommodation Representative

Aleksandra Tomaszewska

Manifesto summary: 

The fight for the lower rent is going on, but it is not over yet. UCL has been increasing the cost of rent every year, making it so expensive and unaffordable that it is in fact pushing students out of UCL. At the same time working and living conditions in halls are poor and not adequate to the price. Constantly unsolved problems, vermin infestations, poor access for disabled students are some, but not all of the problems faced by students living in halls. I want to fight for the lower rent in all UCL halls and student houses. I want to represent international students living in halls as well – what is the field that was neglected in the past years. I also wish to offer listening ear and advice to each hall resident looking for support.

Manifesto document: 

Zain Rafique / Osama Munir

Manifesto summary: 

Our manifesto for Halls Accommodation Representative 2016/17 is simple:

1. Lower rent

i. Support the ‘UCL Cut the Rent Campaign’

ii. Prioritize UCL student wellbeing over profit-making

2. High Quality Accommodation with a Focus on Hygiene

i. Better security measures

ii. Guest policy for students

iii. Increased checks and balances

iv. Decrease vandalism

v. Eliminate risk of theft from rooms and kitchens

vi. Increase harmony

vii. Prevent harassment

viii. Cleanliness of common spaces

ix. Hygienic and healthy catering

x. Introduce a quiet study room and common study area

xi. Provide computers with printing facilities

xii. Improve facilities and access for disabled students

3. Sustainable Living

i. Avoid shameful instances such as rat infestation

ii. Ensure construction does not impact student quality of life

iii. UCL to analyze impact of policies on students before implementation

iv. Increase investment and capacity of accommodations

4. More Activities and Options for Students

i. Increase budget for social events

ii. Create separate social events for international students

iii. Guarantee international students accommodation for the duration of their course

iv. Else, help international students with securing accommodation

v. Alter pricing regulation for students during holidays

Manifesto document: 

Standing for: International Students’ Officer

Affaf Qureshi

Manifesto summary: 

Affaf Ali Qureshi

For International Students’ Officer

I’m a 2nd year Economics student. I have the experience of leading my college’s entrepreneurial society. I want to provide a clear route for international students to raise concerns and encourage community integration.

Key Policies:

• Fixed Fees for international students to protect them from unanticipated and unfair increases in their fees.

• Career & Visa Sponsorship awareness so international students can target the suitable firms who are willing to support their visa extension.

• Improve the underfunded English Language Support Programme (WALS) run by UCLU. I aim to increase the bookable one-to-one sessions with peer tutors.

• Support for International Students’ scholarships

• Adequate provision of student accommodation by ensuring international students are given preference at UCL student houses.

• Increase the number of jobs that are specific to international students, posted on the UCLU Job Shop

These policies will help ensure that international students receive the standard of education and facilities they pay for.

I recognize that I have an obligation to do justice to this opportunity and will constantly search for innovative ways to move the international community forward. PLEASE VOTE AT If you have any queries please contact me via email

Manifesto document: 

Standing for: LGBT+ Officer

John Allain-Labon / Holly Johnston

Manifesto summary: 

Johnny and Holly are first year students studying Physics and English Literature respectively. Johnny cares about LGBT+ and gender equity, represents UCL at debating competitions and spends far too much time in Heaven. Holly is interested in LGBT+ representation, spends her time reading Judith Butler and enjoys photography.

We are campaigning on three platforms:

Support for Freshers:

- Produce a guide with advice on being an LGBT+ student at UCL

- Organise a "meet the LGBT+ committee" afternoon social

- Generate more publicity for drop-in support sessions


- Organise LGBT+ poetry events

- Co-ordinate with other UoL LGBT+ societies

- Organise more regular sober socials and end-of-term parties


- Maintain the momentum of the "They for Them" pronoun campaign

- Promote consciousness of intersectional LGBT+ issues on campus

- Improve support networks within faculties at UCL

Matthew Wagaine

Manifesto summary: 

Under my lead, the LGBT+ Network will flourish across these three key areas (P.D.A.):

1. Pastoral care - more emphasis placed on mental health needs with monthly self-care sessions and off-campus retreats in safe spaces; buddy-up system for shy freshers initial hesitant to join our network

2. Diversity - the cis white male dominance of general socials will be countered by quotas committee representatives of less represented intersections must meet so that more students feel inclined to join in

3. Activism - more workshops and panel discussions will be created to educate ourselves about our history, how we can become more radical and resilient in the face of opposition, and how we can overcome issues within our community to stand on a united front


- Increased feedback from the student body with more frequent open meetings per term to ensure that these targets are being met

- Spreading LGBT+ visibility across different academic departments and societies, such as the Drama Society staging an LGBT+ play.

- I can use my established connections with KCL LGBT+ to have more regular joint events; this means bigger turnout, bigger budget and therefore a better experience for ALL

Manifesto document: 

Standing for: Postgraduate Students' Officer

Volha Anapryenka

Manifesto document: 

Usman Kadiri

Manifesto document: 

Standing for: Royal Free, University College and Middlesex Medical Students’ Officer

Rebecca Clarke

Manifesto summary: 

RUMS is a unique, powerful and influential body that needs protecting. It provides the platform for students to guide their learning and have a say about the future of their profession. It is also a hub of extra-curricular activity that allows us to get a well-rounded university experience.

If I were elected as RUMS Officer, I would make it my mission to ensure the medical school listens to and acts upon student feedback. I also think it is important for people to know where to turn when they need help and thus I would aim to promote the various support services established for RUMS students. Another key activity would be to continue to be the voice of RUMS students against the proposed junior doctor contract. I would also like to encourage more students to get involved in the sports and societies offered within RUMS, helping the smaller societies to boost involvement and making RUMS central to university life for all.

Having been RUMS Welfare VP and president of RUMS Women’s Football, I have been fully immersed in RUMS and leadership roles within it; I believe I thoroughly understand what needs to be done to help RUMS reach its full potential.

Manifesto document: 

Raj Pradhan

Manifesto summary: 

This is a critical period for RUMS. Threats of funding cuts and a merger with UCLU continually loom, while national-scale medical student activity against contract changes perseveres. Now more than ever, RUMS needs to be an active and potent force.

If elected, I will ensure that RUMS continues to be involved in the movement against the imposed junior doctor contract changes. I will also fight any UCLU imposed cuts, including to travel reclaim: our sports teams are a source of pride and should be protected. That said, I am a strong believer that RUMS is about a lot more than just sports. By enabling newer RUMS societies to establish themselves as members of the RUMS community, and improving provision and awareness of welfare services, we can make RUMS more relevant to more students, and by building on our relationship with the medical school we can continue to improve teaching. Finally, the RUMS committee will be made more transparent and accountable.

As RUMS treasurer and an active member of the RUMS community through both sports and societies, I have a thorough understanding of what needs to be done and how to do it. Vote Raj!

Manifesto document: 

Standing for: School of Pharmacy Students' Officer

Rana Mirzai

Manifesto summary: 

A president is “an officer appointed or elected to preside over an organised body of persons”; however a SOP president is different. I don’t want to exercise control but more so manage the pharmacy union as a whole to ensure all opinions and concerns are addressed swiftly and justly.

What I aim to do:

• Ensure more integration with the rest of UCL whilst maintaining what has been done so far

• Ensure all societies based in SOP are treated equally including the new societies that have recently come on the scene

• Listen to your concerns and opinions and try to deal with them personally with the help of the union

• Build up a union that will allow our department to expand externally as well as internally

Be wise and vote for Rana Mirzai for SOP president.

Manifesto document: 

Chinmay Patel / Monica Vanatwala

Manifesto summary: 

We are Chinmay and Monica, third year students at the School of Pharmacy and together we are running for the position of SOP Officer.

Our aims include:

 Continuing to push for a standard online timetable for School of Pharmacy students.

 Even better events for students in SOP including movie screenings, Pharmacy quizzes, Friday night socials etc.

 Improve integration between all 4 years by encouraging peer mentoring and providing careers advice through students with relevant experiences.

 Initiating a School of Pharmacy newsletter, covering:

1. Hot topics in the Pharmacy world

2. BPSA event updates

3. School of Pharmacy news

 Improving integration with the Medical students by having more inter-professional workshops for years 2, 3 and 4.

Manifesto document: 

Amir Amraie

Manifesto summary: 

Entering fourth year soon! I take value in making SOP a great environment. I have gathered experience through the years I have been studying here and have seen brilliant improvements to our refectory, Junior Common room (jcr), building and SOP Events!! Vote for me for a continuation and improvement to the SOP legacy.

Push for an improved student union with an increased budget

Increased budget for all school events and intra-SOP societies - You, the students will choose how it will be spent!

Transparency between the vision of the students and the activities of the Student Union (SU) - with regular SU meetings where students can raise their suggestions!

Push for drop-in workshops at least once a week initially for First and Second years with Professors to help with understanding lecture materials and to ask questions

A push to better integrate UCL main campus events and activities with SOP

Close work with the UCL Biopharmaceutical Society and UCL careers for more careers events in the JHLT

Manifesto document: 

Standing for: School of Slavonic and East European Studies Students’ Officer

David Zivkovic

Manifesto summary: 

I want to represent SSEES students' views on university and life at UCL, in order to ensure they are satisfied with the quality of UCL and student life. Additionally, I find it important that UCL and SSEES prepare us for what awaits us after university. Both present and future are important for us students, and I want to give everything I can to ensure that SSEES students can benefit from both.

Manifesto document: 

Standing for: Sustainability Officer

Guinevere Carter

Manifesto summary: 

My name is Guinevere Carter and I am running for the position of Sustainability Officer in the UCLU 2016 Spring Elections. I am running for this position to make sure UCL starts living up to its stated mission to “conduct itself ethically and fairly, and in an environmentally sustainable manner, locally, nationally and globally.’ Currently UCL is failing at this, as UCL invests over £14million in climate destroying fossil fuel companies such as BP. I will challenge management to divest from these and reinvest the millions into green technology. I am currently on my year abroad, but in 2014/15 I progressed the campaign for divestment as part of Fossil Free UCL by getting UCL to commit to a review of all its fossil fuel stocks. UCL management needs to remember that universities should primarily be a place for developing knowledge for the betterment of society, not business profits.

Tayyab Shafiq / Syeda Valliani

Manifesto summary: 

Hi guys, my name is Tayyab Shafiq, I am an Engineering student and currently, I am the Faculty StAR for the Engineering Sciences while she is Syeda Valliani, Information Management for business student. Together as a team, we both have been involved in various clubs and societies at UCL and we are both jointly running for the position of Sustainability Officer to represent YOU, the students of UCL and YOUR ideas in making them a reality. Collectively, we both have a very good idea of the issues & problems students are facing, we are here to LISTEN to you and address YOUR VIEWS and OPINIONS to the union as ONE VOICE and make UCL the BEST institution of the WORLD.

We intend to:

- Improved Water Facilities Throughout the Campus

- Say No To Fossil Fuels

- Increased Space Being Made Available During Exams

- Re-Open Bloomsbury Theatre

- Promoting Cycling

- Cut Stuent Rent - UCL, Cut Down The Rent

Standing for: Sustainability, Engagement & Operations Officer

Zakariya Mohran

Manifesto document: 

Standing for: Union Chair

Tahmid Chowdhury

Manifesto summary: 

A vote for me is a vote for less bureaucracy, more democracy and better transparency between students and the Union. Unsure on what decisions are being made, who makes them and what the consequences may be? Worry not, as I pledge for a union with better outreach and communication with you.

I stand for a fair and democratic Union where all voices are heard with no individual or group left feeling marginalised. Ultimately, I strive for a change that ensures you as students feel a more active, rather than passive, role in the union that represents you.

Feel free to contact me with any comments/questions/queries/concerns :)

Manifesto document: 

Matei Gheorghiu

Manifesto summary: 

Our Union is feeble. We have a vast almost 40’000 strong student body, we can achieve a lot, but we don’t. I will change that:

• Societies are the only real form of engagement with Union.

• You sign up to a society because you are interested in that society.

• I will use Societies as a direct way for the Union to communicate with you, so you know when there is something happening you are interested in.

• This will increase engagement.

• When engagement increase, the Union becomes more effective as its officials become accountable to you.

• UCL will have to take it seriously.

• The Union becomes your tool for betterment. Whatever you want to do, we can do it together.

• When is the last time you read the Union emails?

• When is the last time you heard the Union achieve something?

• When is the last time you had a problem, but the Union couldn’t help?

Your Union, Your Choice, Your Vote.

Vote for More Access To Every Individual.

Vote for Matei.

Manifesto document: 

Standing for: Welfare & International Officer

Marta Tondera

Manifesto document: 

Mehjabin Ahmed

Manifesto document: 

Standing for: Women's Officer

Rachel Vette

Manifesto document: 

Sam Nicholson

Manifesto document: