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Welcome to the Active Bystander Programme!

Students' Union UCL does not tolerate sexual misconduct, bullying or harassment in any form. We aim to ensure that our community is vibrant, safe and inclusive for all. We will all be bystanders at some point in our life. We might witness someone being mistreated while at university, work or during everyday interactions. As a community, we can decide to be passive and do nothing, or we can stand up and become Active Bystanders.

The Active Bystander Programme aims to give students the knowledge and practical skills to be an Active Bystander in their community – that is, learning to be aware of others' behaviours and, when the behaviour is inappropriate, choosing to challenge it in a safe way. The programme consists of two parts – this online module and a live workshop that is organised in collaboration with UCL's departments. You must take part in both components to complete the training.

Completing the Online Module

Note: If the online module says ''In Progress'', but you've passed the quiz and completed the feedback form, please disregard it, you have now successfully completed the training.

You will now complete the online module, which takes around 30 minutes. This module will allow you to familiarise yourself with the definitions of bullying, harassment and sexual misconduct. It will cover example scenarios that illustrate how these behaviours might occur and provide you with information about support services available both on- and off-campus.

At the end of the online module, you will take a short quiz that will test your knowledge of the topics discussed in the training. You must get a pass mark of at least 80% to be able to attend a live workshop.

The module is hosted on Rise 360. To start the module, click on Take course in the Menu. You will be transferred onto a new page which will show the structure of the training. You can access the module itself by clicking on Active Bystander Online Module. Once you're done, you should come back to the Take course page and click on Active Bystander Quiz. Lastly, once you've passed the quiz, please click on Online Module Feedback to provide feedback on the module. Filling out the feedback form is a mandatory part of the training.

Data Protection notice: This online training is designed and managed by Students’ Union UCL. We will use the information you provide in this survey to confirm your completion of the training and administrate the course, including tracking completion rates. We may share whether you have completed the course with UCL departments for the purpose outlined above, and by completing the course you agree to this. We will not identify you in any report nor share your details with anyone else, and will only process your personal data in accordance with University College London’s current data protection policy and the Students’ Union UCL Data Protection and Privacy Policy available at

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