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Societies and Media

Societies and Media Manager - Carl Salton-Cox -

Drop in: Wednesday 10am - 11am

Societies and Media Coordinator - Johnny Glover -

Societies Development Coordinator (Events) - Dan Fow  -      

 Drop in: Thursday 4pm-5pm  

Skills Development Coordinator - Rupinder Sandal - 

 Drop in: Wednesday 11am -12pm

Activities Administrator - Porshia Boafo - 

Team UCL

Sports Development Manager - Katie Sykes -

Drop in : Thursday 9am-10am

Sports Development Coordinator - Neal Hickey 

Drop in : Monday 3pm-4pm

Friday 3pm-4pm 

Project Active Coordinator - Bikram Bains -

Sports Administrator - Dennis Boatey-Watson -

Drop in : Monday 11am-12pm

Thursday 12pm-1pm

Lead Strength and Conditioning Coach - Tiahan Eeles -

Drop in sessions

Drop in sessions are held in the small office by the Common Room, 2nd Floor, Bloomsbury Theatre Building. If you are attending the surgery hours you can drop in during the times above without booking a meeting.

These surgery hours are held every week (subject to staff availability).

Finance Drop in Hours 

For the remainder of Term 3 , the Finance Surgery Drop Ins will continue to happen in the Societies Office on Level 2 Bloomsbury Building with Porshia. 

Porshia can help you with areas including:
• Statement queries
• Ticket Requests
• Credit card payments and Order requests
• Event budgets
• General financial queries

The Drop in times are weekly from: 

 Monday - 10am – 12am 

Tuesday – 3pm – 4pm  

*No drop in hours on Wednesday 

  Thursday – 11am – 1pm 

Friday 11-12pm