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We want to raise awareness on campus for the 6th sustainable development goal set out by the UN global initiative: clean water and sanitation (WASH.) To do this, we will team up with the leading WASH charity in the UK (WaterAid) to build projects and events on campus that will achieve the UN goal of making clean water and sanitation accessible to everybody by 2030. This will be done through discussions and film viewings, blogging, lobbying, fundraisers, speakers events etc. We will bring influential workers from within the NGO sphere on campus which will influence and further UCL student job prospects through networking opportunities. 

Our society aims to bring together students with different backgrounds and different academic interests but who share a common concern for accessible water and decent living conditions in the less developed parts of the world. We welcome new members all around the year and we encourage you to bring in our enthusiasm, personal experiences and ideas!

Feel free to contact us on Facebook: or by email: