We welcome all student parents and carers to this society, formed in November 2020, with an aim to bring the community of students with caring responsibilities (SCR) together. It is a safe and supportive space to discuss common concerns and share valuable information on matters that concern this community. We organize social gatherings, interesting events  and useful webinars (check out the Events tag above) on topics such as student-life as a carer, parenting, childcare, financial and time management.

Our committee: 

President/SU Officer for SCR:  Louise Saukila

Treasurer: Sharon Vince

Vice President: Maryam Bandukda

Welfare Officer: Aswathikutty Gireesh 

We organize virtual and in-person informal gatherings every month. Check out our Facebook group and this space for updates on upcoming events. In addition to organizing interesting events, we also work towards improving student-life at UCL as a carer, by campaigning for an inclusive policy and better childcare facilities. The society has become an active space of interaction through social media platform to bring up issues addressed by students in this difficult circumstances brought by Covid-19. Check these useful links for specific Covid-19 advice from UCL and the SU Officer.

We look forward to welcoming you to this society. If you are a parent or carer pursuing a Programme at UCL, do join the Society to stay connected and updated!  

  • Useful links

UCL Webpages for Student parents, Students with families, SCR

SU Webpage for SCR

  • Announcements/Blogs                                                                     Competition Winners

UCL-wide policy proposal                                                                               Burns' Night Poetry 

Childcare scoping-SU Postgraduate Students Officer                                    Christmas events

SU Officer's COIVD-19 update                                                                       Halloween Costume

UCL's Winter break advice for SCR                                                               Easter craft

  • Funding opportunities

FPHS Faculty Carers Fund-deadline 26 February 2021

FBS PhD Carers' fund application

MAPS Carer's Fund during Covid

UCL Financial Assistance Fund


  • Resources from past webinars

How UCL is supporting students carers through the Pandemic (video recording)

Childcare and schools in England

Managing money: for student carers

Studying and caring at home_Jessica Chivers


Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much– Helen Keller