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The palaeontology society was founded with the sole aim of getting as many people involved with the field as possible, everyone from experienced tutors to those who have just gained an interest in palaeontology. We aim to cater for all palaeontological fields and interests, so whether your interested in the largest dinosaurs or the smallest of invertebrates, there will be something for you!

Palaeontology is a vast field of study, which involves a multitude of techniques and methods used to piece together bygone worlds. The palaeontology society aims to bring some of these methods to the wider communities at UCL, rather than limiting them to those who are on any palaeontology related courses or with any previous experience in the field. We also aim to nurture any and all pre-existing interests in palaeontology and instil new interests in those who may not have been interested in palaeontology before.

Our constitution (see key documents section) outlines how we intend to bring palaeontology into the view of the wider world and what learning about and studying palaeontology means for the past, the present and the future.