Welcome to Ophthalmology and Vision Sciences Society!


In 2020, Ophthalmology and Vision Science Society was established to represent and advance the interests and voices of students at UCL Institute of Ophthalmology.


We are aiming to provide a space to bring all postgraduate students at UCL institute of ophthalmology, undergraduate medical students, and all the other UCL students who’s interested in ophthalmology together by organising activities and events.


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Events and activities 2020 – 2021:


UCL Institute of Ophthalmology x UCL Ophthalmology and Vision Sciences Society Podcast.


UCL Ophthalmology & Vision Sciences Society x Liverpool University Ophthalmology Society National Undergraduate Ophthalmology Society.


Fundraising events for Moorfields Eye Charity.


UCL International Ophthalmology & Vision Sciences conference.


Ophthalmology and Vision Sciences Annual Dinner.


Find us on:


Instagram: ucl_ophthalmology_society, https://www.instagram.com/ucl_ophthalmology_society/


Twitter: @OVS_UCL


Committee members 2020 – 2021:


President: Yuan Gao 


Vice-president: Bader AlHashem,  Maaz Khan


Treasurer: Ahmed Adan


Welfare Officer: Lida Lalou


Social Media Representative: Ahmed Ageed


No events scheduled.