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Welcome to the UCL Marxist Society! Our aim is to educate ourselves in Marxist theory, campaign to build the forces of Marxism, and, ultimately, to struggle for socialism. We host weekly discussion meetings, lectures and debates on history, politics and philosophy from a Marxist perspective, as well as reading groups and film screenings. 

But we’re far from being just a discussion club: as a student society, we aim to intervene in the political life of the campus and of the wider student and labour movements. Our society played a leading role in the UCL 2020-2021 rent strikes, a response to the horrific conditions that the pandemic had brought about for students living in halls.

In 2019/20, our members campaigned for a Corbyn-led Labour government in power on a socialist programme, and went doorknocking and phonebanking in marginal seats around London. We also got involved in the UCU strikes, standing in solidarity with striking lecturers and against marketisation of education, as well as the ongoing struggles of precarious workers on campus organised in the IWGB. We have also been involved in many other protests and rallies, standing in solidarity with workers and young people fighting exploitation and oppression, such as the Black Lives Matter movement, A-Level students' protests, climate strikes and more.

We are officially affiliated to the Marxist Student Federation, which unites and co-ordinates the Marxist societies on a national level. If you want to learn more about or even join the MSF, check out the website:

Everyone is welcome to our meetings, student or not, regardless of political views or affiliation! We can't wait to meet you all, comrades!

Contact us: [email protected]