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Assalamu’alaykum everyone (peace be upon you) and welcome to RUMS Islamic Society (RUMS ISoc)! RUMS ISoc is a society open to all UCL students, of the Islamic faith and other faiths alike, and we’re here to help you make the most of the new and exciting social, academic and spiritual experiences on offer here at UCL.

Our Academic department offers small group tutorials for all of your pre-clinical AND clinical modules throughout the year giving you a chance to go over those tough topics we all struggle with, whilst our 1-1 mentoring system helps you bridge the gap between A levels and First Year. Keep an eye out for our FB Academic Groups, where you can keep up to date with our regular tutorials, ask any questions throughout the year, answer our mock SBAs as well as read the regular summaries and advice from our experienced older years.

Outreach is also a key priority here at RUMS ISoc. Whether its teaching year 10s from underprivileged areas how to suture, training people in the local community in basic life support, or educating them on common diseases in our society and how to go about preventing them, here at RUMS ISoc there is an opportunity for everyone to get involved.

One of the biggest and busiest weeks of the RUMS ISoc calendar is of course Charity Week, where we collaborate with multiple other faith and cultural societies to raise money for orphans and needy children around the globe. Last year we managed to raise an incredible £98,000 in just over 1 week, with the RUMS ISoc’s Flagship Auction and Dinner raising an excess of £40,000 in 1 night!

The coming year at RUMS ISoc is set to be packed with socials, tutorials, our Annual conference, an auction dinner for charity and much much more – so buy your membership and join the RUMS ISoc family today!

President: Rashad Ramali –

Head Sister: Hiba Aouicha -

Treasurer: Haseeb Akhtar -

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