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Welcome to the UCL Furry Society!

You can join our discord at

What are furries?

Furries are fans of the anthropomorphic animal genre - Zootopia, Robin Hood (1973), and Beastars are just a few examples of media featuring anthropomorphic animals. Members of the furry community express themselves mainly through art and cosplay.

What is the Furry Society?

Our Furry Society is a safe space for furries to express themselves and meet other furries at UCL.

If you are not a furry, but are interested in exploring the aesthetic or subculture, feel free to join us to see what it's about! You can also join our discord server to chat, ask questions, and meet some of our members: the link is on the sidebar of this webpage.

What events does the society offer?

We will be taking it easy this year, as it will be the society's first full year of activity. We plan to organise multiple in-person socials throughout the year, including casual activities such as movie nights, karaoke, and our favourite: a Krispy Kreme social!! We will also hold online games such as Jackbox, and we will be making regular appearances at London Furs meetups at Tank and Paddle in the City of London.


We hope to see you soon!