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Have you ever felt inspired to make an impactful improvement in the world whether it’s by building a product, re-designing an existing system, or providing a service? But have felt overwhelmed by the lack of direction throughout the entire creative process? Design Thinking is a methodology that provides the tools to address a real problem and subsequently build an effective solution. If you want to create and make a difference in the most impactful way, the Design Thinking Society is for you. ​​​​​​​

What will you do during your time at the UCL Design Thinking Society?

Since Design Thinking is a set of tools and concepts that are meant to be applied to real problems, the society's activities will be split into two main components: theoretical and practical. On the theoretical side, we are going to invite guest speakers, lecturers, and our committee to introduce important design thinking concepts and to highlight the future opportunities that can arise from them. On a practical side, we provide students with invaluable work experience in design thinking with actual startups where students can apply each step of the process and be mentored along the way (not to mention, design thinking is a forward-thinking innovative process that looks great on CVs).

Looking ahead

We are confident about the skills you will build from participating in the society, and we will prepare you for a career in innovative design environments. We hope that you will come join us!