What we do?

  • Bringing together students from a range of disciplines related to crime and security, as well as students with just an interest in the topic.
  • Educational talks alongside fun activities to help understand the complex and multi-disciplinary science of crime and security.
  • Motivational seminars with graduates and professionals within the field to help students gain a better understanding of the variety of careers available after graduation.
  • Helping people with similar interests connect throughout different years and modules which is a valuable aspect of the university experience.

Who we are?

President: Ines Junti

Treasurer Adeline Fan

Welfare Officer: Kat Duran Mynenko

Year 2 BSc Crime and Security Science


  • Welcome Week Mingling
  • Seminars, Workshops & Alumni Networking Events
  • Women's Day
  • BBQ
  • End of Year Ball
  • Informal Socials
  • Movie & Quiz Nights