Welcome to the Construction and Property Society.

Our host of student members will know as much as anyone that any good candidate for a job role in the industry will need three things:

1. Great connections and personability.
Our events will draw you closer to some of the biggest names in the industry, having previously hosted employer events with Gardiner & Theobald, ARUP, Stace, Cushman & Wakefield, CBRE, and Mace. Engaging with these firms will get your name in the spotlight earlier than anyone else.

2. Drive and passion to learn everything about the industry.
You can come from any professional background, but it is well known that the more knowledge you have surrounding your discipline, as well as others, truly gives you the edge in our industry. Our society's educational events (which will now be in person!) in which you can speak and listen to industry professionals who are grappling with complex projects will help broaden your knowledge in ways that are unmatched.

3. Ability to relax!
Any professional in the industry will tell you, that if you let the world get on top of you it will crush you. (The same goes for university work!) So, we will host a range of informal (cheap and subsidized!) social events for you to get to meet other members of the society.

As a personal note from the President:

"There will be a vast array of events for students this year, and we're going to be back and better than ever now we're seeing the end of COVID-related restrictions. Come down to our socials and let's get cracking on a great 2021/22"

- Theo

Join today and follow us on our socials, on Facebook and Instagram, for more information on upcoming events.