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Clay pigeon shooting is the sport – some may say, art – of shooting clay discs projected by different devices into the air or along the ground. These discs are known as “clay pigeons” or “clays”. The UCL Clay Pigeon Shooting Club (CPSC) aims to provide a relatively affordable opportunity and very friendly atmosphere for all members of the University to enjoy the sport. At the Club, we welcome all levels of ability, from complete beginners to experienced shots. We provide tuition and advice where required. Additionally, the Club will organise throughout the year a range of regular socials with a community of like-minded souls. To join the Club or try your hand, you do not need to have any experience at all with shotguns – just the desire to have a go. Anyone and everyone can do it. We, the officers of the Club, are open to any and all enquiries. We will happily answer any questions and help and support you when necessary. We will shoot on Sunday mornings, once every two weeks. You are free to select which tier you wish to shoot (£35, £50, or £75 per session). We understand that you have many other demands on your time and resources and that you may not wish or be able to attend all sessions. You are free to come when you wish and - rest assured - you will never be chased into coming. Thank you for signing up to the Club’s mailing list. We will, of course, maintain the mailing list but we would also encourage you to follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Président: Amaury Mantion

Trésorier: Joshua Lia0