"It was good to see our efforts from feedback last year pay off regarding pushing for my industry engagement and preparing for future careers, with the introduction of the ‘Exchange’. It is very much appreciated that the programme leadership have set this up as a way for us to discover and engage with potential employers."
- School of Architecture Rep

“After hearing many of my fellow students lament that they had no idea what they would be doing after graduation, I spoke with the convener as well as with my personal tutor about potentially offering some sort of careers events and field trips to local film and media companies. My tutor has now organised a panel of UCL alumni working in the relevant fields.” 
- CMII Rep

“At my suggestion, the department will now use Moodle to disseminate information about internships, job vacancies, and careers fairs. They are also going to establish a new tab in the Moodle for all the IGP students, which should be very convenient for future IGP students to find useful information about job and internship opportunities.”
– Institute for Global Prosperity Rep

 “One of the big improvements I have attempted to make and has been successfully followed-up by my department is the starting of an Alumni network”
– IOE Rep

“We are working with the Head of the Careers Service to plan a careers event that has professionals from multiple disciplines come and talk about their work.” 
 Cardiovascular Sciences Rep

"The careers talk for first years, which contained information about writing CVs / cover letters / applying for internships, was moved to the beginning of the year, opposed to term 2."
– Biochemical Engineering Rep

"I have started compiling documents relating to careers for Linguistics students that I hope will get enhanced in the future and will encourage the department to give more attention to the post-study job market"
- Linguistics Rep

"I brought up the fact that some of my coursemates find it hard to book career appointments (those that especially catered to chemistry students) then they added more slots for booking."
- Chemistry Rep

"Driving the importance of career-focused events for the SRes course - a cross-cutting subject which has no real defined career path. The reps, including myself lobbied our course director to host and push forward an event which reflected the student's desires. There was an event organised which would have ticked a lot of the boxes, however COVID-19 made the in-person event shift online. I'd say it was a moderate success, however networking and in-person interaction was one of the key attractions and to shift online nullified the event somewhat."
- Built Environment Rep

"Initiated and organised a very successful behavioural science career fair."
- Psychology and Language Sciences Rep

"A successful event was being able to communicate our problems in terms of graduate opportunities to our Course coordinator without having to wait for the SSCC meeting. We had a meeting with the course leaders and the outcome saw was exchanges events in which students meet up with industry professionals."
- Architecture Rep

"Getting to the end of the program, most students were not very sure about their next steps after the course. I worked with the program lead and the UCL career office to organize a career workshop for the cohort which was well attended and informative"
- Computer Science Rep

"Main issues students in my degree/department faced were regarding securing internship positions. Many didn’t have or didn’t know how to write CVs and how and where to apply for positions. I was able to reach out and advice them on possible roles and when/how to construct effective emails. Also addressed this issue during the meetings."
- Molecular Biosciences Rep

"In response to student's request ( from a survey that was deployed) for careers guidance and support, particularly for those graduating, I and three other Reps within the CEID Cluster organised a successful three-day Careers event (2nd -4th June 2021), which brought speakers from UCL, UNESCO, Save The Children, IFC, and UNICEF among others with impressive turn-out from students."
- Education, Practice and Society Rep