In 1826, UCL was the first university to open its doors to students irrespective of their race, religion or gender. In 2013, we were the first students’ union in the UK to have a full-time student officer dedicated to the representation of Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) students. This includes, amongst others, those from Aborigines, African, Asian, Arab and Caribbean heritages. We are now proud to present our fourth annual Black History Month, a celebration of the successes and achievements of BME communities. 

Black History Month 2016: Black Futures

This year's theme for Black History Month is around Black Futures and acting in the present to make our future what we want it to be. ‘Black Futures’ asks us how we want to move from surviving to thriving. ‘Black Futures’ asks us to reclaim history for ourselves… because history is political and so is our future.

The Black History Month Programme: