Congratulations to all of the amazing players and teams who have been recognised in this year's Sports Awards!

The 2024 winners

Friends' Cup

Snowsports Club

UCL Snowsports has had one of its most successful years, with members consistently succeeding in regional and national competitions!

Coach of the Year

King Chalapati

Not only does King dedicate up to 25 hours a week to coaching, he is a champion for diversity and inclusion, pledging to make Boat Club the most diverse Sports club at UCL!

Diversity and Inclusion Award

Pole Fitness Club

Pole Fitness Club continue to foster a welcoming and safe environment for all members through platforming a range of artists and actively participating in liberation campaigns online.

Sportswoman of the Year

Luisa Degen

Luisa is the foundation of Women’s Basketball – she coaches all three teams alongside playing for the 1ST team with unwavering dedication that helped them secure a league and cup double.

Unsung Hero

Bella Gilbert

For her unparalleled dedication to the Muay Thai club, going above and beyond in delivering extended training sessions, event planning and supporting members wherever possible.

Boat Club

Louis Carr Memorial Award

From appointing a dedicated inclusivity officer, to setting up weekly drop-in welfare sessions, Boat Club is exemplar in ensuring their members feel safe and welcome.

Captain of the Year

Alex Brookes

As Women’s Cricket Captain for the past two years, Alex has helped her team reach new heights in the BUCs league, alongside ensuring the club runs smoothly and members get access to the best training.

Mandy Walker Cup for Sports Personality of the Year

Demetri Alvanis

As well as being President of Calisthenics, this year he worked tirelessly as Sports Officer, kickstarted TeamUCL’s All Jokes Aside mental health campaign, and set up the first National Governing Body for Calisthenics.

Shield for Most Improved Club or Team

Badminton Club (RUMS)

With a membership of 350 and growing, RUMS Badminton is showing no signs of slowing down!

Club of the Year

Muay Thai Club

This year, Muay Thai Club has gone from strength to strength, including running the most successful University Fight Night to date.

Individual Awards


Claudia Rueda Munoz

Yemisi Mefful

Natasha Merricks

Holly Dench

Sophie Sedgebeer

Anna Sabate Tormos

Finn Baqai

Tommy Williams

Ollie Jansen

Matteo Larrode

Jannelle Ofrin

Yoan Nikolov

Lorenzo Aragon

Pratik Rai

Amanda Marinee Brodie

Grace Yeung

Kai Sethna

Rebecca Nichols

Alyssa Khoo

Goretti Hurtado Barbeito

Tiffany Chan

Faye Corey

Jane Ung

Alexander Macdonald

Molly Taylor

Jan Olechowski

Sebastian Bayles

Sera Kuseyrioglu

Alice Hu

William Markiewicz

Sophia Engelen

Elizabeth Summerfield

Maya Manson Gupta

Lily Salt

Yuna Naoi

Borja Junoy

Nicholas Challier

Aishi Agarwal

Priya Ord

Issy Chaudhry

Bruno Scoggins

Killian O'Kane

Laura Wallace

Gabby Morley

Leqi Zhong

Maud Bridel

Eve Hartley

Paula Cardo

Ishita Jainer

Louise McCaul

Siena Gosrani

Jessica Fisher

Charlie Litchfield

John McNamara

Nirada Ong

Dani Parker

Rosie McFadzean

Emily Haydock

Chase Bell

Ally Duijn

Matthew Punt

Chiara Ivaldi

Kriti Chatterjee

Paula Cardo

Jayni Patel

Tallulah Richards

Molly Martin

Ben Bowne

Alexander Tomkinson

Sophia Barry

Angela Boakye

Anusha Rajananth

Emma Robert

Trinity Pointon

Vanessa Prescott

Priyanka Desai

Aidan Burns

Anna Sabate

Bethany Barnett

Lucy Williams

Archie Graham

Christina Tran


Phi Khanh Buingoc

Emilia Nygaard Parsons

Jonathan Aderanti

Ioannis Thomopoulos

Eleni Papanayotou

Harvey Winter

Corin Bagshaw

Doddy Tullis

Nick Gill

Toby Middleton

Ameera Binti Seyed Abu Tahir

Alec Orr

Anna Sabate Tormos

Dren Hakaj

Emily Hannan

Come Labautiere

Lily Dutson

Anastasija Boikova

Christine Li

Bethany Barnett

Killian O'Kane

Lorcan O'Kane

Isadora Rawlinson

Leqi Zhong

Ella McCarthy

Bella Gilbert

Matthew Punt

Diane Ambrosi

Brandon Lim

Alex Brookes

Juliana Kusiima

Tarek Khan

Ben Wardle

Toby Ng

John McNamara


Ophelia Spracklen

Hannah Tank

Isadora Rawlinson

Luisa Degen

Bella Gilbert

Ankit Gupta

Demetri Alvanis

Maja Swirska

Catrin Manning

Jamie Spinks

Clementine Manning

Olly Fox de Klerk

Adil Patel

Sporting Excellence

Goretti Hurtado Barbeito

James Norgate

Maja Swirska

Catrin Manning

Sara Fernandes Diez

Olly Fox De Klerk

Simon De Miquel Ribas