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Last week we’ve had our third zone meeting: Activities Zone, Education Zone and Welfare and Community Zone. This are the places in which your ideas (that you submit online) are discussed in order for them to become policy at the Union. 

Here’s the highlights, what was discussed and what policies came were passed:

Activities Zone

In the Activities Zone, elected officers come together to discuss issues, projects, campaigns and propose new ideas to improve student activity at UCL. This includes improvements to all the Clubs and Societies we have on campus, volunteering, events and enterprise. 

At the first Activities Zone meeting of 2020, our Activities Rep and Officers discussed a range of issues, including awards, clubs and societies training, and Pride in Sport week. They passed some amendments to clubs and societies regulations, including changing how elections run for larger clubs and societies.

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Education Zone

At Education Zone, our Faculty Reps approved two new policies – one lobbying UCL to remove the application fee for Postgraduate Taught courses and one to encourage more provision for remote participation in SSCC meetings. Reps then went on to discuss fees for international students, attendance monitoring, and the upcoming NUS conference.

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Welfare and Community Zone

The Welfare & Community Zone meets to improve the wellbeing of UCL students on campus and in the wider community. 

The third Welfare & Community Zone meeting of the year saw our student reps come together to discuss everything from rent increases to confetti cannons. There’s progress for sustainability at UCL, as the Zone has passed the “Waste-Neutral Events” policy. The Union has now committed to reduce the amount of waste produced at Union events and only promote events that aim to be waste neutral. Other topics for discussion included: finding ways to encourage students to donate blood, displaying motivational messages in study spaces, and expressing solidarity with trans students at UCL.

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Union Executive

The third Union Executive meeting of the year was packed with lively discussion and important decisions. We ratified 6 new Union Policies, 3 Amendments to Governing documents, and made a decision about the future of Phineas. Our elected student reps confirmed all of the new proposals passed at our Policy Zones, as well as creating a new one about freedom of speech on campus. We decided not to rename the Phineas bar but to run and educational campaign about Phineas’ history and colonialism.

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If you’ve got an idea on what you’d like to see changed around campus then let us know! You can have your say here.