Fundraising Group comes together to raise money for a cause for a short, finite period of time. The parent charity does not need to be registered with the Volunteering Service, but does need to be compliant with our policy on faith and campaigning organisations and with wider UCL and Students’ Union UCL policies. Organisations must have a UK charity number and all funds raised must go directly to the charity. We will not support projects where money is raised to fund a challenge or activity carried out by a volunteer. For example, an overseas volunteering trip. If a charity approaches us directly, wanting UCL students to fundraise for them, they will have to register as a partner.

The Volunteering Service provides support to Charity Fundraising Groups who are registered with our service. The support provided includes access to funding of up to £750 for fundraising events, travel expenses and marketing.  Charity Fundraising Groups registered with the Volunteering Service will also receive a certificate which is a great way to verify your volunteering.

If you are fundraising at UCL, you must apply through us. You must submit your form/request a month before your planned event.

Please note that we do not support Clubs or Societies through this offer, these groups must contact Student Activities.

You can contact the Student-Led Projects Team if you have any questions.

If you would like to become a Charity Fundraiser, please fill in our webform. Once you have filled in the webform, we will be in contact with more information.