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Opportunity: Life Skills Volunteer - Maths Coach

This role will make a difference to young residents, living in our Hostel, who are trying to gain a qualification in a chosen subject but find it difficult to move forward without a maths qualification. It will also make a difference to young residents who need to take a numeracy test to get on to a work placement, into employment, or onto a college course, but are put off by the fact that they know they will fail, as they have no confidence in their mathematical abilities and/ or no experience. Most jobs or courses require you have a level of numeracy ability, and if you are lacking that, it can affect your whole future and the direction you take.

Opportunity: Volunteer Retail Assistant

This is a customer service role encompassing all areas of retail. You will be part of the fundraising team, raising funds to support the work of the Cardinal Hume Centre. Last year sales from the Charity Shop raised £47,000!

Opportunity: IT Learning and Development Coach

All of life’s activities - including job seeking, accessing and managing benefits and housing - take place online. Clients without IT skills are hugely disadvantaged. This role provides clients with either no or little experience with computers with one-to-one support, helping them to overcome initial fears or learning barriers. With increasing confidence, they can access the Learning and Employment Hub independently. The service helps those clients seeking to address digital skills gaps and improve their confidence in order to increase their employability and household income potential.

Opportunity: After School Club Volunteer– Now Recruiting for Spring Term!

From 3.30 – 5.30pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, we welcome around 10 local primary aged children for ‘After School Club’ where they can do arts and crafts activities, cooking, games, and play in a great indoor and outdoor space. The club encourages and develops children’s social and independent skills. The club is part of our delivery of child and family support services, in order that low income and vulnerable families have improved access to services, employment opportunities and life chances. Volunteers will help to welcome and encourage/support children in these activities.

Opportunity: Homework Club Volunteer – Now Recruiting for Spring Term!

On Mondays and Fridays during academic term time, we welcome a group of primary aged children and their parents, mostly from migrant and refugee backgrounds, after school to help them with their homework. We are seeking new volunteers to join our friendly group to support the children in their learning. You will sit on a table with 1-2 children and provide help with their homework, maths and English work mostly, and some reading. Volunteers choose one of these days to do on a weekly basis.