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Proud to be a part of Team UCL - Part 2

In part two of Proud to be a part of Team UCL

Pride in UCLU Sport

According to a recent report by the National Union of Students:

-  38% of LGBT+ students participating in sport at their university or college aren’t out with teammates and coaches.

-  1 in 7 students are put off participating in sport at university because of homophobia, biphobia or transphobia.

-  47% of LGBT+ students who do not participate in sport find the culture around sport alienating or unwelcoming.

 The aim of the Pride in UCLU Sport campaign is to tackle LGBT+ discrimination in UCLU sport.

Proud to be a part of Team UCL - Part 1

We recently asked some sports club members what it means to them to be LGBT+ and part of sports here. Two students have written short blogs which are below telling us what it means to them and what their experience was like…

At no point have I ever been made to feel uncomfortable about parts of myself…