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Alumni stories: Caitlin Elise Nisos

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“Volunteering is also a great way to tap into communities of like-minded people and make new friends, to diversify and broaden your social network.”

Alumni stories: Tom Traill

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My experience volunteering at UCL, with the help of the Volunteering Services Unit, was transformational.”

Museums & Heritage Volunteering Fair plus Museums & Cultural Heritage Week:

Interested in volunteering in the museums & heritage sector?

Alumni stories: Luke Penketh

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“Definitely volunteer.  It enriched my life while at UCL, introduced me to new friends … and greatly improved both my CV and my skillset.”

Investigating (un)paid internships at UCL and beyond

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[EDIT: The Careers Service replied promptly to my original email, and their response is printed below.]

Alumni Stories: Nick McKenzie

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“Definitely volunteer! It will provide you with a great way to support your studies and explore things that you are interested in but can’t cover in class”

Alumni Stories: Patrice Baptiste

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“I think volunteering is such a good idea because you meet so many different people with interesting stories and from all walks of life.

"Volunteering has helped me to become more confident and assertive when giving instructions or information to large groups of people."

Geraldine Asare-Darko is a recent graduate from the Institute of Education where she completed her Masters in Sociology of Education in 2016. She got in touch to tell us how volunteering with The African Community School during her time at UCL has helped in her current career.

Alumni Stories: Jasmin Lee

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“There is always something you can do as a volunteer and you may yet be surprised at what you are capable of.”

What’s In a Name? Volunteering VS The Internship and the Beauty of Starting Small.

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Katy Murray, who graduated from UCL last year, reflects on her experiences in the world of volunteering …

Alumni Stories: Bianca Karpf

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“Volunteering is a win-win situation really.

Alumni Stories: Jonathan King

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“Volunteering was definitely one of the most satisfying parts of my university experience.”