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Stage Crew Externals

Stage Crew exist as a society to provide technical and creative stage work for the Students Union Shows. We are here to help bring your events to a whole other level! If you are interested inworking with us on an event, fill in the form below and send it to and CC in

We will also be adding a new Externals Policy that will outline how we work and what kind of equipment we can provide. For now, please consult the FAQs below.

When do I use this form?
You should use the Technical Equipment Request Form if you want to request the use of sound or lighting equipment from UCL Stage Crew for events.

When should I submit the form?
As far in advance of your event as possible. Your form may be rejected if less than 2 weeks’ notice is given.

Will I definitely get the equipment once I have requested it?
Unfortunately not. UCL Stage Crew is a very busy society, and your request may be declined for any of the following reasons:
-Less than 2 weeks’ notice given
-Lack of available crew members
-Lack of available equipment
-Insufficient time or budget for additional equipment hire
-Event does not align with the Stage Crew Societies core activities (e.g Conferences or loans of single equipment for use without Stage Crew presence)

Priority for the use of the equipment will always be given to events organised by UCL Union groups.

Available Equipment List:

*This list will be updated soon via the new Stage Crew Externals Policy (Coming Soon)*

Sound equipment

2x speakers

1x sound desk

3x wired microphone

1x radio microphone

Lighting equipment

4x tripods

Assorted lights (LED Parcans, Fresnels and Spotlights)

Light desk

Who do I return it to?
You should return the form to and CC in

What happens after I have submitted it?
A representative from UCL Stage Crew will then contact you to confirm or deny your request and to discuss the details in further detail.

Who can I contact if I need more help?
Email all enquiries to

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