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Women’s Officer
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This Union notes

  1. In England, Scotland, and Wales the Abortion Act of 1967 allows for legal termination of a pregnancy under 24 weeks.
  2. The majority of the UK population are pro-choice with between 75-80% of the public supporting a person’s right to choose whether to terminate a pregnancy or not.
  3. The UN Human Rights Committee describes the right to reproductive freedom, including the right to abortion, as a human right.
  4. In the UK, there have been numerous attacks on a person’s right to choose in recent years, and have included attempts to reduce the legal time limit for abortion and specifically ban sex-selective abortion as well as increased numbers of anti-choice protestors and pickets of abortion clinics. As of writing, at least one abortion clinic in the UK has been forced to close as a result of protests.
  5. UCLU has had policy supporting a student’s right to choose since January 2012.

This Union believes

  1. A person’s right to choose is a fundamental right.
  2. Safe and free abortion should be available to all.
  3. Students should be aware of their legal right to termination and know how to go about obtaining one.
  4. Abortion is nothing to be ashamed of.
  5. An official pro-choice policy would not prevent students who disagree with termination on ethical or religious grounds from exercising their right not to seek a termination.
  6. Pro-choice policy encourages and enables students to make well-informed decisions regarding their bodies and their futures.
  7. When clubs and societies invite anti-choice speakers they should also invite a pro-choice speaker to balance the debate on a person’s right to choose.

This Union resolves

  1. To take a pro-choice stance on abortion and support students’ right to choose.
  2. To make concerted efforts in dispelling the stigma that exists around abortion.
  3. To ensure that the UCLU advice guide on pregnancy remains up to date, and includes information on all choices open to pregnant students, including abortion, adoption, and continuing the pregnancy.

This Union mandates

  1. The Activities and Events Officer to inform all clubs and societies about the renewal of the UCLU Pro-Choice policy and how it will impact any events they may wish to run.