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As an Academic Rep you could be the voice of change representing students on your Course, Department, or in your Faculty. Whatever UCL department you belong to, as a rep you will work with staff to:

  • represent student views

  • let staff know what students most enjoy

  • resolve any problems students are experiencing

  • improve the quality of education

  • and so much more!

The Union supports reps to do their job well through training, resources, and communication. You will also join a network of Academic Reps who you can share practice and ideas with. We, as a Union, want to stay aware of what’s happening all across UCL and our Academic Reps help us do this. We want our work to improve education across UCL and be a true reflection of current student priorities. 

Find out more about the different types of Academic Rep positions below or find your rep here (login required). 

Course Reps

As a Course Rep you would help gather thoughts and opinions from students on all things relating to your course. If there are changes to be made, you’ll be empowered to work with staff to make it happen. This role requires around 15 hours per term.

See the full role description here

Research Student Reps

You’ll provide representation to a research student group, working with department staff to make sure that they students have everything they need to succeed in their research student journey. This role requires around 15 hours per term.

See the full role description here

Lead Department Reps

Already a Course or Research Student Rep? Go one step further and take a lead on representing students in your department. In addition to the above, you’ll be the key point of contact for departmental staff and the Faculty Rep and Co-Chair the student-staff committee meetings with a member of staff. This role requires around 20 hours per term.

See the full role description here

Faculty Reps

Be the voice of students in your Faculty. You’ll work with the Union to spot trends for improvement in the feedback you get from your departments and raise them at the Faculty Teaching Committee. You’ll also be a member of Education Zone, where you have the chance to ensure that Union decisions are for the good for your Faculty, or instigate changes you want to see. This role requires around 25 hours per term.

See the full role description here

How to get involved

In order to get involved you should contact a member of staff on your programme to find out more and to let them know that you would like to be an Academic Representative. Lead Department Representatives will be selected from amongst the group of Course and Research Student Representatives in each Department. 

Faculty Representatives are elected through elections hosted by the Students’ Union in term one.

Provided you have more questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions about being an Academic Rep