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Our society aims to raise awareness and contribute to the reduction of facial injuries and diseases. Our parent charity, Saving Faces, is the brainchild of Consultant Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon, Professor Iain Hutchison, who launched Saving Faces in 2000. It is the only charity in the UK dedicated to education to reduce the incidence of facial injuries, disorders and diseases including oral cancer.

The student society's three main pillars are: Education, Volunteering and Fundraising. 

(1) Education - Thought-provoking lecture series and art events will cater to students of different backgrounds. You will be able to meet patients, surgeons, psychologists, criminologists, lawyers, etc. 

(2) Volunteering - Volunteering opportunities will be available in future to involve students in the delivery of lectures and events at primary and secondary schools, to raise awareness of risk behaviours (eg. alcohol and drug intake) and the dangers associated with them

(3) Fundraising - We are currently trying to support the charity's efforts to raise funds for a professorship position at the charity that commemorates the late Alan Rickman, who was an avid supporter of the charity

Join us to get involved in learning about our cause!