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Many societies approach sponsors for funding for their activities. Indeed this is encouraged, as Students’ Union UCL cannot provide extensive funding for everything you do.

Before approaching a sponsor, you need to make sure they meet these guidelines:

Your potential sponsors cannot contravene Students’ Union UCL policy

This includes:  G4S (Policy: UP1419).

It is worth noting that this list may change if the council passes more policies, but this page will be updated if and when that happens.

The following were previously barred under union policy, but this policy since been superseded or has lapsed: Fossil Fuel Companies (Policy: UP1432)

Other companies which may not be approved due to our belief in inclusive societies are (but not exclusively):

Arms manufacturers, Tobacco manufacturers, Alcoholic beverage manufacturers, Gambling or Betting Agencies and any other potential sponsor which might restrict persons of a certain group from joining your society.

Ensure that your potential sponsor does not compete with a service which Students’ Union UCL itself provides.

This in essence boils down to cafes (as they compete with George Farha / Print Room / Gordon’s) and Bars (As they compete with Phineas / Huntley / Mully’s). This does not preclude more formal restaurants or takeaways, nor does it preclude late-night ‘clubbing’ venues. This also does not preclude other cafes or bars which are outside of a reasonable distance and so would not be in direct competition. Finally, this does include any local gyms (as they compete with Bloomsbury Fitness).

This is because any money we make from these is used to fund your activity.

Finally, sponsorship contracts should only last for the year during which your committee are in office.

This is because it is unfair on your successors to bind your club into longer term agreements. If you envisage a longer term agreement, then we would advise having a clause in your contract allowing that company first refusal on other sponsorship, or a clause whereby the club will re-approach them next year.

For a how-to guide on the sponsorship process, click here.

For a sample sponsorship agreement, click here.

Ultimately, sponsorship sign-off is at the discretion of the Sabbatical Officer responsible for Clubs and Societies.