Hear from Running, Athletics and Cross Country Club (RAX) about their time at the BUCS Cross Country Championships!

Participating in a cross-country race in Leeds turned into an unforgettable adventure.

Arul, RAX member

Tell us about the event!

On 3rd February, 61 RAX members laced up for the BUCS Cross Country Championships at Temple Newsam Park in Leeds! The course was the worst anyone had ever seen. Despite knee-deep mud, mile long hills and even hay bales, all 61 runners finished!

As far as performance, our women’s team placed 15/41 (ahead of any other London universities) and our best performance came from Emma Gordon who placed 40th in the Women’s Long race!  

Arul with the shoes he lost during the race.
The Cross Country course!

How was it, running that course?

We asked Arul for a testimony from his first ever BUCS Cross Country event! He lost both shoes during the race!

“Participating in a cross-country race in Leeds turned into an unforgettable adventure. Clad in my usual road running shoes, I found myself wrestling with ankle-deep mud at the halfway point of the race. My shoes succumbed to the mud, and in the struggle, I strained my leg. Yet, the thought of giving up never crossed my mind. With determination, I continued the race in just my socks, encouraged by the relentless cheers of my clubmates. Crossing the finish line was a moment of pure exhilaration. It was a day of unexpected challenges and unwavering spirit—a day I'll always cherish.”

What's next for Running, Athletics and Cross Country Club?

Next up in Cross Country calendar is the last London-league meet of the year at Wormwood Scrubs! We are currently leading the general teams standings and will need all the help possible next Wednesday 21st Feb as every point we get could matter! It’s not to late to sign up so reach out if you are interested in giving it a go.

If you want to find us more about RAX you can head to a our Instagram page to see our featured activities and calendar, and you can join the Whatsapp groupchat where we keep track of our busy schedule and activities. Feel free to contact the club about any questions!