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I will do this by organising a Town Hall on Full Stop to Sexual Misconduct with the Provost, in addition to improving visibility of and access to the Women’s Officer role through social media. I will work with other stakeholders to further this goal, such as with other Liberation Officers to produce tools and information on making clubs and societies more diverse in their membership and activities, and with Academic Societies & Academic Reps to demonstrate the value of more diverse speakers in departmental events.

In addition to this, I will develop a clear policy on Gender Neutral Toilets in the Union and across UCL, and I will reinstate the pilot of the Free Period Products in toilets across UCL.

Update 23/11/20

The gender neutral toilet policy is an ongoing conversation with UCL Estates, but we are getting a lot more gender neutral toilets on campus, with them being a majority at UCL East. The group working on free period products in UCL bathrooms has been relaunched since a 6 month hiatus over the lockdown period, and we are considering other methods to put pressure on bodies outside of UCL to fight period poverty. Women’s officer social media is active, and often interacted with, as is interaction between different liberation officers (as seen in collaborations with the LGBT network to raise concerns about the incoming provost, and work with disabled students officers to ). Most of the concerns regarding clubs and society activity has been arrested due to the current pandemic, as they are already strugglying to put on events online, and asking them to widen the range they offer is less possible in these circumstances. However, work on diversifying speakers is happening in conversation with CAM, who organise the annual lunchtime lecture scheme, which is a more open avenue to this that our part time academic representatives, who were only recently elected. Unfortunately, the Town Hall will no longer be happening.

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