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Saturday 19 June 202111.30 to 17.00

We are seeking volunteers for the UCL Festival of Intimacy on 19 June 2021. A day-long festival of intimate performances, conversations and interactions that responds to the themes of touch and intimacy and asks what intimacy has meant as we live through the Covid-19 pandemic. Contributing work will be created by artists, UCL students and academics, and the event will take place across UCL’s Bloomsbury Theatre, Grant Museum, Petrie Museum, and a variety of outdoor spaces in between. The festival will take place on 19th June between 11am – 3pm and will be free of charge.
Festival of Intimacy will welcome students, staff and the wider public back into the UCL Culture venues and, with only a small capacity in each venue, each performance piece will feel intimate and close. The festival will provide audiences with the opportunity to ease into reengaging with live work and to experiment with how it feels to be back in arts and culture venues after over a year away. Audience members will have choice in how they engage with the work over the course of the day, with the option to book a single performance/workshop or to take part in the whole festival.

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