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Monday 10 May 202111.30 to 13.00

Green Shoots is organising a one week virtual event, 10 May 2021- 14 May 2021. This event is in celebration of Green Shoots 10 year anniversary. Every day we will go live at lunch time from 12:00- 13:00 BST and have chats, play videos and do discussions. Each day will be dedicated to a specific cause, program or country of operation. We will also be running a week-long fundraising campaign with a target of GBP 12,000- GBP 15,000

We require one volunteer that can assist the Operations Manager with the running of the event- this includes being co-host on the zoom call, ensuring videos play on time, the chat feature is attended to and questions are answered.
There will also be a build-up towards the event where we rehearse the calls and collate the content.

Any volunteer getting involved will be ensuring we commemorate this milestone without any hiccups and be part of our journey for the coming decade.

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