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Divergent Thinking offers a range of workshops that focuses on harnessing divergent thinking to improve creativity and leadership skills. They aim to empower all creative thinkers and innovators who possess a range of diverse skills to achieve their highest potential and provide them with a platform for their voices to be heard. Find out more about Divergent Thinking here:

Divergent Thinking will be delivering free online vlogging masterclasses hosted by Media Trust, in partnership with Jack Petchey Foundation, the Evening Standard and Youtube.

The Vlogging Masterclass is part of the Vlogstar Challenge!

The Vlogstar Challenge is a unique competition and training initiative run by Media Trust and the Jack Petchey Foundation, in partnership with YouTube and the Evening Standard that equips young people with the relevant skills for a modern communications age. It aims to harness the passion and creativity of young people and provide them with the technical and communications skills they need to create content, develop their voice and share their passions with new audiences.

After taking part in the workshop, young people can enter their vlog for the Vlogstar Challenge competition. The winner will receive £500 of production equipment, £2,000 towards a non-profit organisation of their choice, mentoring from a YouTube professional and work experience with one of Media Trust’s corporate partners.

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