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Sunday 6 October 201913.00 to 16.00
  1. Location: Hackney Marshes Centre
  2. Date: Wednesday October 2nd & Sunday October 6th.
  3. Time: 14pm (bus from UCL at 13:00)
  4. Duration: 2 hours (bus back to UCL at 16:00)
  5. Level/Standard (if applicable): Open to everyone, especially to those interested in joining the teams, 1st&2nd &3rd teams. Intermediate and Advance level. For beginners, GIAG.
  6. What to wear? Sports gear (t-shirt, shorts or leggings), bring cleats (football boots) but if you don’t have them, just come in trainers.
  7. How to get there? Meet at Bloomsbury Theatre at 12:30.
  8. How they sign up? Event on Facebook.
  9. Meeting point: Outside Bloomsbury Theatre.
  10. Lead contact: Robine van der Eijk
  11. How to get in touch? Through UCLWFC Facebook Page.