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Friday 6 March 202016.00 to 20.30

UCL Men’s BUCS Tier 1A 4th place v UCL Men’s BUCS Tier 1A 1st place

UCL Women’s BUCS Tier 1A 3rd place v KCL Women’s BUCS Tier 1A 2nd place

Date: 6 March 2020

Time: 16:00-20:30

Venue: Crystal Palace National Sports Centre

Bill Shankly once spoke about the league being the “bread and butter” of a club. 

Yeah, well, what does he know. Forget BUCS, we’re here for one thing only. VARSITY.

In anticipation of this annual ritual of testosterone, blood and that insanely hard butterfly stroke, our Men’s and Women’s team have rallied, with our players stronger than ever, this semester.

Having given King’s plenty of chances before this, we’re ready to remind them why their men’s team has failed to win in Varsity for the past 5 years and have probably forgotten what it feels like to hold anything that resembles a trophy.

We just hope that King’s can keep up and put up a good show. We’re always ready to show them what it takes to be a winner and #bleedpurple.