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Sunday 8 March 202010.00 to 16.00

UCL Men’s Basketball BUCS Tier 1A 4th place v KCL Men’s Basketball BUCS Tier 2B 4th place

UCL Women’s Basketball BUCS Tier 1A 3rd place v KCL Women’s Basketball BUCS Tier 1A 6th place

Date: 8 March 2020

Time: 10:00-16:00

Venue: UEL Sports Docks

Ticketed: Yes


After placing high in BUCS 1ª and dethroning Kings to become Varsity Champions, UCL Women’s basketball is back to repeat the show. With a combination of strong returning players and amazing new talent, watch UCL retain the title and close the second season unbeaten by King’s. Come down to see the biggest game of the year against our all-time rival, ready to cheer for UC and be blown away by our players in another demonstration of who’s best!