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Sunday 8 March 202016.00 to 19.00

UCL Men’s Badminton BUCS Tier 1A 1st place v KCL Men’s Badminton BUCS Premier 4th place

UCL Women’s Badminton BUCS Premier 5th place v KCL Women’s Badminton BUCS Tier 1A 2nd place

Date: 8 March 2020

Time: 16:00-19:00

Venue: Salmon Youth Centre

Ticketed: Yes

Here comes the varsity 2020! UCL badminton team had done a great job last year, won the game by 9:2 and defended the varsity trophy for UCL. This season, both men’s and women’s team delivered high performance, and we are looking forward to finishing strong in the season. Our mixed team also had great results so far, being almost top in the league. KCL put up some good games this year but didn’t stop us in our way to victory. And now, we are ready to retain our varsity crown!